Елена Палько

*I started dance practice at the age of 7 with the dream of being a star one day. I enjoy what I do because it brings joy to my audience. As an instructor, my goal would be to teach belly dancing classes during the day at a college or dance academy.


*December 2008 to april 2009
Belly dancer at Radisson Tala Bay Hotel (5 stars) , Aqaba , Jordan
*October 2007 to January 2008
Belly dancer at Movenpick Hotel (5stars), Sanaa, Yemen

*June 2007 to September 2007
Belly dancer at Movenpick Hotel (5stars), Dead Sea, Jordan

*March 2007 to June 2007
Belly dancer at Movenpick Hotel(5stars),Petra, Jordan

*September 2006 to January 2007
Belly dancer in Lebanese restaurant (5stars), Aqaba, Jordan.

*August 2003 to June2006
Belly dancer at Movenpick (5 Star) Hotel, Aqaba, Jordan.

Freelance Belly Dancer in Moscow, Russia.

*August 1999 to December 2003
Freelance Belly Dancer in Damascus, Syria.

*June 1995 to October 1995
Entertainer and dancer at Sun Zanab (5Star) Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

*March 1993 to June 1993
Entertainer at Effteling Karnaval , Holland.

*2003 to 2009
Freelance performances of belly dance in 5 star Hotels in Jordan (Le Meridian Hotel Amman, Inter Continental Hotel, Amman and Aqaba, Grand Hayat Amman, Le Royal hotel, Amman, Marriot Amman and Dead Sea, Sheraton Amman, Four Seasons Amman + high level private events around the world.

*2009 to Present
Freelance performances of belly dance in Russia, Moscow for private events.
Dance instructor for private lessons.


* 1994 — 1998 University of Culture, Moscow, Russia
* 1991 — 1994 College of Culture, Moscow, Russia
* 1981 — 1991 School


* Russian – native Language
* English – fluent
* Arabic – Beginner


* Belly Dancer
* Dance Instructor
* Costume Designer
* Choreographer


*December 31st 2004: Performed for the Prince of Oman
*June 15th 2005: Performed for an American Admiral
*May 27th 2006: Performed with the famous Arabic singer Nansy Agram
*June 25th 2006 and
* July 12th 2007: Performed for the Italian ambassador
* January 10th 2008 Performed for the Lufthansa air company party





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Танцевальный салон Ирен Хорт в Одинцово.
Записаться на танцы в Одинцово — 8(901)-555-26-70

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